Caribbean on a sailing boat

A vacation that becomes a daydream: this is what it is like to experience sailing cruises in the Caribbean sea. 

We want to offer you one of the adventures you will never forget, combining the passion for travel with the tranquility of a crossing in magical places, with paradisiacal colors and nature; all obviously accompanied by the security of having the skipper Carlo Lai available.

The sailing holidays in the Caribbean are suitable for everyone: young and old, in fact, can have fun, relax and experience unique and unforgettable emotions. Leave the stress of the metropolis and be guided by the sea, the wind and the pleasant company you will find on board! Our boats are equipped with all the comforts you will need and will accompany you in a totally new world.

Explore with us the Grenadines islands, a number of islands and islets called "the paradise of sailing" for the splendid location in which they are situated and for the trade winds that blows constantly. White beaches, tropical fish, marvelous coral reefs and volcanic walls covered by a majestic rainforest make it a true masterpiece of nature. Sailing and snorkeling are just some of the activities you can try while traveling on our cruise!

Discover with us the most enchanting places of the Caribbean sea! We will leave from the port of Le Marin, in Martinique, making stops in Saint Lucia, in the bay of the Pitons. Next we will explore the beautiful island of St. Vincent with the bay of Wallilabou, continuing towards the characteristic islands of Bequia, Port Elizabeth, to the five islets of the Tobago Cays, jewel of the Grenadines, totally uninhabited and protected by the mighty Horseshoe Reef. We will then continue to Palm Island and Union Island, then starting again from there towards Petit S.Vincent. The last enchanting stop, taking a bath in the Mopion sand islet, will be the wonderful Mayero. The return to Martinique, will take place with a stop in Cumberland on the island of S. Vincent, in S. Lucia in Marigot Bay to then dock at the port of Le Marin.

For one way itineraries, instead, we start from Martinique and disembark at Union Island (or vice-versa we start from Union Island and disembark in Martinique) with the possibility of also visiting the islands of Moustique and Canouan.

Experience the experience of sailing holidays in the Caribbean means not giving up all the comforts we are used to, but knowing the world in a new light. Being guided by the breeze, being pushed by the waves of the sea and being completely immersed in a beauty eden, regenerate the mind and our body.

Carlo Lai, professional skipper of the Ocean Skippers Company and a deep knowledge of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea, will guide you on this wonderful journey that combines culture, fun, relaxation and beauty in its greatness.