Brazil on a sailing boat

A journey through a land rich in history and natural beauties unique in the world starts right from its sea.

The skipper Carlo Lai, proposes a 10-day sailing holiday in Brazil, in the bay of Todos los Santos (Bay of All Saints) best known as San Salvador de Bahia, the capital of the state of Bahia.

Ten days to discover the beautiful islands of the archipelago, starting from the wonderful Ilha Itaparica, the most beautiful island in the archipelago together with the Ilha dos Frades and the largest in the bay. In the island of Itaparica, in addition to enjoying a beautiful sea, there is the possibility of attending capoeira shows, of finding excellent cafes overlooking the sea and of visiting the mysterious "Bica source" also known as the source of youth.

The journey continues to Ilha Carapeba with a stop at the famous Rio Paraguaco. This river, which originates in the Chapada Diamantina and, after 540 km, flows into the bay of Todos los Santos, encloses in its shores an incredible beauty: mangroves, sandy bays along the bends of the river, historic colonial buildings that overlook this wonderful body of water and small islets of fishermen, make it a real tropical paradise. We will continue, then, towards the Ilha dos Frades, one of the most famous places of the whole bay for its natural beauties and for its suggestive landscapes where it is possible to reach the beautiful Bay of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, for a dip in crystal clear waters.

A cruise also offers this: the possibility of experiencing sea and land, wild nature and marine beauties, for a truly unique show. Along the bay, one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Brazil, you will stop at the Bar do Paraguacù and then continue to one of the islands richest in history and charm never explored: Ilha do Sal (salt island) where the culture mix, due to the proximity between Brazil and Senegal, is something unparalleled. To visit there are the splendid Salt Pans of Pedra de Lume, which are placed at the bottom of the crater of a now extinct volcano which, however, due to its proximity to the sea water, releases a layer of salt of bright and different colors for the large amount of minerals present. Equally noteworthy is Buracona, a natural pool that is the opening of a beautiful underwater cave of volcanic origin.

The return of the cruise will be in San Salvador de Bahia, after 9 days of pure relaxation, to discover the infinite beauties of the earth, nature and the sea that we often forget to even see. The cruise in Brazil is a unique journey, where culture, fun and relaxation come together for a truly inimitable vacation.