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Sailing southern Sardinia for magic holidays

sardegna del sudWith skipper Carlo Lai  are cruising the most charming beaches of Southern Sardinia. Also discover monuments and traditions from Cagliari towards Villasimius or Carloforte. Breathtaking views, crystal-clear sea, discovery of valuable traditions and culture. Are some of the ingredients that make unique holiday in sailing boat in the South of Sardinia. The journey along the towns located on the South of the island is an exciting experience for those who still don't know, and certainly be repeated for those who have already visited this foreshortening of southern Sardinia.

Holidays in sailing boat in Sardinia allow you to explore these places from a singular vision, enjoying the wonderful panorama, and relaxation. Carlo Lai, an expert in travel by sea in Sardinia and the Mediterranean sea, organized throughout the summer sailing cruises to the beautiful places of southern Sardinia. Are cruises of 7 or 14 days and can be arranged for individuals, couples and groups.

Every Saturday you can embark by boat Spirit of Sardinia from Cagliari to Villasimius and Carloforte. The two coastal countries are rich in beaches where there is the transparent sea and unspoiled scenery. The beaches accessible cruising in the East side are Mari Pintau, Torre delle Stelle, Porto Giunco, Punta Molentis, Cala Pira, and the poetto beach at Marina Piccola, and West side of Chia, Malfatano, Cala Zafferano, Porto Pino, La Tonnara, Baia s. Efisio a Nora.

Choose the cruise on a sailing boat is also an opportunity to visit the paths towards Villasimius and Carloforte and understand history, culture and gastronomic and handicraft traditions also. In Villasimius you won't want to miss a visit to the old fortress, home of the archaeological museum, a building dating from the 14th century renovated in' 500 at the behest of Philip II. Carloforte, a village founded in 1738 by Genoese Group located on the island of San Pietro, offers attractions such as the Church of Novelli Innocenti, built on the ruins of a church of ' 200, la Torre San Vittorio and the Church of the Madonna of the slave.


Sailing southern Sardinia

southern sardinia

Saiboat cruises of 7 or 14 days. Boarding every Saturday from Cagliari to Villasimius and Cagliari for Carloforte, to the beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Sailing Carloforte

Sailing along dark cliffs and white beaches and wild of Carloforte, unspoilt coves where make snorkeling and underwater fishing, pristine and beautiful sea oasis.

Sailing Villasimius


Villasimius is a beautiful place of Southern Sardinia overlooking the crystal and clear sea. It is one of the destinations most visited by sailors in the South Sardinia.