Sailing atlantic ocean crossing by sailboat 


The oceanic crossing planning with skipper Charles Lai, is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences for every sailor who wants to refine and hone deep-sea navigation techniques. The oceanic crossing, which expects a different route between roundtrip, starts in Cagliari, where we will start heading to Caribbean, stopping in beautiful Ibiza and Malaga.

You will then cross Strait of Gibraltar touching Madeira and the Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife). The Straits of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Sea opens the doors to the Atlantic Ocean and that, before the opening of the Suez Canal, was the only passage to the ocean, over the centuries, an important commercial and military strong enough to remain, even today, the subject of contention between Spain and Great Britain.

The oceanic crossing, which lasts from 17 to 20 days, from the Canaries to the Cape Verde Islands and then crossing the ocean and passing the Equator you will arrive in Brazil.

The outward journey is considered, rightly, simpler, thanks to the wind, warm trade wind Northeast, allowing a peaceful navigation. The return journey is an experience even more extraordinary: crossing the ocean, you have the opportunity to spend whole days in contact only with a sea challenging until you get to the Azores, off Spain. The 9 Islands that make up the Azores archipelago, are one of the few remaining natural paradises and were discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese navigators who headed in America, after the discovery of the continent.

Of volcanic origin, the Islands have crystal clear lakes, charming black cliffs and small Sulphur Springs. The Portuguese-style houses of the 18th century, complete the unique charm of this natural eden. Continuing in the direction of Italy, the route crosses the Strait of Gibraltar to return, finally, in the Mediterranean Sea. Important note about the craft, which is vital for every crossing: the Spirit of Sardinia, with 5 double cabins each with bathroom, help sailors to experience in the best possible way, with every comfort, a unique and unforgettable taste.