Rules and conditions of boarding
Once you have checked the availability in the boat and accept the conditions, you will be able to board the boat. This will allow you to maintain a pre-booking status. This option will be valid for three days (the option for August is only granted for the periods chosen by June 15).
The reservation is made by accepting the pre-departure agreement, which will be sent to you by e-mail. The reservation will be considered confirmed as soon as we receive a copy of the bank transfer 50% deposit on the established price.
Prices are those of the last price in force at the time of booking and include: boarding fees, RC insurance, skipper, organizing the route and logistics and onboard equipment.
 The price does not include:
- travel expenses for the arrival and departure of the embarkation point;
- the expenses to be borne by each person for the galley and laundry (about 200 € per person for one week);
- water and berthing harbor charges;
- customs duties;
- fuel;
- hostess-sailor.
Skippers and crew do not participate in the International Convention at the expense listed above, but will be paid by customers.
For crossings a common coin will be made, and if someone participates in multiple trails, it will also have to pay the marina-harbor between one and the other.
The first payment, corresponding to 50% of the cost of embarkation, must be made by bank transfer at the time of booking. The data will be provided when the pre-contract is sent. The reason for the payment shall be the time of departure. The balance must be sent within the deadline before the date of embarkation in the same manner as the cancellation of the reservation. In case the customer requests the sailor or hostess, his remuneration will be paid directly to him / her on site at the time of embarkation.
For any cancellation by the customer, there will be a refund of the figures paid out except for a 20% of the total amount of the cruise, only to meet both of these conditions:
a) The deposit and the balance have been paid in due time
b) It was possible to resell the place for the same period (obviously this is all the more likely as soon as the customer gives notice of renunciation to the trip).
Cancellation must take place via telephone communication and then via e-mail.
Participants are required to co-operate in the preparation of meals, re-arranging the boat, kitchen, bathroom and their cabin. In case they want to refrain from these tasks, they can hire a sailor / hostess. If the initial contract involves the hostess's service, this means that you will only deal with food preparation and reorder of common parts such as the dinette and cockpit. For all the rest, it is worth it when described above.
The skipper organizes the itineraries according to the weather conditions and decides any changes to the programs, for the welfare and safety of the customers (if possible, by agreeing with them). Whenever necessary to ensure safety on board, the skipper remains the last decision, taking into account the responsibilities under his responsibility. The skipper will not fly overnight! After 22 o'clock (when the boat is in the dinghy), the skipper is not obliged to accompany the customers on land, except for reasons of health.
 Participants are invited to limit their luggage, as boat life does not require much clothing and space on board is always limited. Do not forget to put everything in a soft, foldable bag. Avoid even small rigs because it is impossible to hold them. On board you will find the pillow and a blanket, pillowcase and linen are at a charge (at the cost of the local laundry). A laundry fee for towels, rugs etc etc. will also be required.
If the boat is unavailable or ready to sail within 24 hours of the time set for departure, the equivalent of unused cruise days (or a discount on a subsequent holiday) will be refunded to the participants, with the exclusion of all other indemnities (harbor, water, etc). In no case will the loss of cruise days due to damage not attributable to the good condition of the boat (damage, damage to the sails, bad weather or force majeure) will result in any compensation.
No compensation will be granted to the customer who will decide to stop the cruise.

These terms will be deemed approved at the time of payment of the reservation deposit